Memento mori

from by Akmaral Zykayeva



Memento mori (Latin 'remember (that you have) to die') is the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. It is related to the ars moriendi or “Art of Dying” and related literature. Memento mori has been an important part of ascetic disciplines as a means of perfecting the character, by cultivating detachment and other virtues, and turning the attention towards the immortality of the soul and the afterlife.
In art, memento mori are artistic or symbolic reminders of mortality. In the European Christian art context, "the expression… developed with the growth of Christianity, which emphasized Heaven, Hell, and salvation of the soul in the afterlife."


from Mise En Scene, track released February 28, 2015
Violin by Akmaral Zykayeva



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Mergen Kazakhstan

Akmaral Zykayeva (referred to as Mergen) was born in December, 21, 1985 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is a Kazakh singer-songwriter, multi-musician and composer. Her music varies from folk, electronic, trip-hop, pop and rock sung in Kazakh language.

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